Quad – A Year in Seasons is my most ambitious video production project to date.

Quad is a modern-day synthesized concerto written, performed and produced by musician Paul Petersen. The melody takes you on a musical journey though the four seasons.

The opening sequence/timelapse of the Forest was shot and produced by videographer Samuel Orr over the course of a year (as well a couple of the timelapses used throughout the video.)

The majority of the remaining wildlife and nature video was taken by either Paul or myself, and then the entire editing process and synchronization to the audio track was my creation.

The final presentation of the video culminated with several live performances, with all donations going to a local animal shelter. The performance featured a Classical group of musicians performing Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, a “Seasonal” poetry reading, followed by a live performance from Paul Petersen, then ending with a full presentation of the video production shown below: