Adirondack Fire Towers

Fire TowerIn the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, there were several forest fires throughout the Adirondack Park – including the “Great Fires” of 1903 and 1908 which damaged nearly 1 million acres of forest. It created the need for fire districts and personnel stationed at several vantage points thoughout the park – in Adirondack fire towers erected on top of some of the best views in the mountainous regions of the park.

They remain some of the best views of the mountains surrounding them – and a hiking destination for thousands of locals and tourists taking advantage of their vantage points.

The process in creating these panoramas includes taking several over-lapping photos from my feet up overhead, in a complete circle. Anywhere from 60-100 photos are then “stitched” together with computer software, which are retouched and final panoramas generated an implemented on the web.


Please select from the list of links below to view just a few of the scenic views I’ve photographed in fully interactive panorama during my many hikes in the region, from the vantage point of a fire tower.