GE FlexEfficiency Marketing Package

GE FlexEfficiency

When GE Energy developed a major breakthrough in flexible energy production, they knew they had a product that was going to revolutionize the energy industry. By using a combined cycle technology, their new technology would provide a much better efficiency by allowing a seamless transfer of energy (between gas turbine, wind, coal, hydro). This was a major breakthrough which would deliver energy from the most efficient sources available.

Corporate Communications

GE wanted an equally big announcement, and the corporate marketing package had to be equally impressive. The branded packaging included a “teaser” mailer to select clients with custom, round accordion-fold brochure that fit in a self-mailing cannister. To reinforce the concept of the “flexible” efficiency of the technology, a slinky toy was included in the package to tie into the messaging and polished-steel look of the turbine blades in a generator.

Direct Mail Marketing

The follow-up mailer included a customized “pull-out” package with a thumb drive, which contained an immersive presentation that promoted and explained the technology. The presentation was fully interactive, with a sleek, modern design.

Electronic Mailing

The final component to the marketing campaign was an electronic mailing to potential clients to invite them to their location the world’s largest energy conference for demonstrations and presentations to learn more.

A Global Audience

The entire marketing campaign was a huge success – each unit sells for several million dollars, and the marketing communications package generated a great deal of interest from energy distribution companies around the globe.