Marketing Communications

The most important aspect of a solid corporate communications plan is its branding strategy. How a business or organization is perceived by the media, it’s competitors, potential clients and to the general public is the backbone of any marketing communications that are produced.

I have developed successful marketing strategies for all facets of corporate communications, including: Fortune 500 Corporations, Medium-sized and Small Businesses, Not-For-Profit Organizations, Law Firms, Supermarket Chains, Banks and Lending Institutions, Universities and Colleges, and more.

Please feel free to explore just a small sampling of the many successful marketing and branding strategies and campaigns I’ve had the pleasure of developing.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications for businesses large and small begins with a solid marketing strategy. Not only is the branding established and reinforced, the messaging should always clearly represent the corporate values, such as:

  • Develop and create messaging that explains who the company is
  • Establish and reinforce the reputation and credibility of the company
  • Foster and maintain and emotional connection to the its audience
  • Promote and encourage customer loyalty
  • Intrigue and motivate the audience to take actionable response

Corporate Logo Design

A corporate logo is the first and one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. In addition to being recognizable at a glance, it needs to quickly and effectively represent the tone and “attitude” of the company, organization or event.

A good logo design should also establish the color palette, fonts and graphic style that sets the tone and withstands any changes in trends and styles.

Whether it’s created for a large corporation or a small business, a logo must convey a positive interpretation of the company, and clearly define who they are and what they represent.

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