Children’s Book Illustrations

Children's Books

This trilogy of children’s books were written by children’s book author Mark Graber – this series was his first published works. The trilogy was three separate stories delivering an environmentally theme about water, air, and the earth. The three books, titled: “A Raindrops Journey”,AIr, There and Everywhere”, and “The Big Green Meadow” were published by Owens Corning as a part of a public service to raise awareness in children of the importance of environmental stewardship. All of the books were donated to schools and distributed for free to children.

Renowned wildlife illustrator Jack Graber was the illustrator and art director of the project, and I had the privilege of working under his direction airbrushing the under-paintings for the panels.

My role in the project utilized traditional mediums: airbrushed acrylic, dyes and guache paints.

To finalize the artwork, Jack used colored pencil, acrylic and guache paints for the final details that brought the paintings to life.

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