Mohawk Heat Company Website DesignMohawk Heat Company Website Design

Mohawk Heat company wanted to use their website as the cornerstone of their new marketing initiative and rebranding. The existing site was difficult to navigate and find things, required specific software and expertise to update, had very little SEO relevance and was not mobile-friendly.

The Solution

For this project, I first conducted an analysis on the web site traffic analytics to determine what pages were most/least often visited, and provided the results and a new site architecture that better suited the average traffic flow. Also included in the research was a new navigation structure, which allowed for all links to be accessible within two clicks.

Their previous website rankings on an average SERP (Search Engine Results Page) was very low for the keywords they should have ranked for – generally not showing up at all on the first or second page. An analysis of their competition’s rankings and keyword usage provided insight and a new direction for the content that was re-written for each page.

Location-specific keyword targets and pages were also developed and incorporated to boost rankings for searches conducted beyond their main office location.

The final website architecture included a mobile-friendly functionality; a much improved User Experience Design (UXD) which was easier to navigate and find the most important information. The final website design clean and modern website design which used photography that focused more on people for a more relatable, trust-building experience.

The results of these efforts significantly raised the website rankings for almost all keywords high on the first page of a SERP. More importantly, website traffic increased from 300-350 monthly visitors up to well over 2,000 monthly visitors, and the company client-base continues to grow at a steady rate – the majority of new customers had visited the website prior to calling!