The Creative Advantage Website Design and Development

The Creative Advantage

My professional career began here in Schenectady, NY, in 1985. Not only was I responsible for the development and design of the website, I was also an integral part of many of the projects featured on the website.

Because the Creative Advantage had such a diverse portfolio and impressive client list, it was important to develop an architecture that would support a cohesive navigation that would easily allow access to all parts of the site.

The next step was to create an environment and “look” that reflected the creative nature of the business itself. This included custom graphics, a unique experience for each subsection of the website – and of course consistent branding throughout.

The most important component was presenting the very broad portfolio of corporate marketing communications organized into subsections that was easy and interesting to explore.

The final step was to oversee the content and integrate a full SEO platform that would be easy to expand upon as the website grew, and to monitor the analytical traffic data and make adjustments to ensure the best possible search engine rankings.