Owens Corning – Pink Panther Video Animation

Like most kids, I was always fascinated with cartoons, and the tedious process involved with making characters move. My personal lifelong dream of creating an animation that was nationally televised was finally realized when I was selected to create an animation of the Pink Panther!

Owens Corning has a licensing agreement with MGM Studios to use the Pink Panther in their marketing communications programs. The limitation of this agreement is that the expressions, colors, “attitude” and gestures are strictly monitored must meet approval prior to it’s use. This is especially true when animating the panther.

Because of the experience I had in illustrating several hundred “static” images of the Panther (which met approval with flying colors), Owens Corning selected me for two prominent animation projects.

Pink Panther Illustrations

The most prominent video animation was for a nationally televised television commercial that was developed to promote their basement finishing systems. The project involved several brief animations of the panther by himself: flipping a dvd, running a movie projector and wagging his tail.

The most complex part of the animation involved having the Pink Panther interact with live action video in a scene where they “toast” by raising their coffee mugs and simultaneously drink from their cups:


Another animation was created for an internal celebration in advance of the corporation’s emergence from bankruptcy protection – a fun, high-energy dance to thank it’s worldwide workers for their devotion to the company in several languages:

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