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Please feel free to select from the many interactive panoramas to see the view from several fire tower locations in the Adirondack Park, as well as several places around the country.

Blue Mountain

With an elevation of 3760 ft., Blue Mountain is one of the taller fire tower mountain hikes in the Adirondack Park and one of the most popular in the Hamilton County Region. Affording outstanding views and a modest challenge to summit, it’s easy to see why it was selected as a forest fire lookout.

From the trailhead you will come to an old access road which allows for easy hiking. But the trail quickly starts to gain elevation and crosses a very attractive stream along the way. The climbing really kicks in at about 1.25 miles and continues to be quite steep as it passes over open rock slabs, which provide some limited bu nice views of the lake and surrounding terrain below. There are smaller views from the land and if you poke around there are others. The best views are from the fire tower, and provide the full panorama you see in the photo above. The old observers cabin is just over the rise.

The round trip hike is approximately 4 miles to the summit and back to the parking lot – well worth the trip!