To explore the interactive panoramic photo image click in the center of the photo and s-l-o-w-l-y drag your cursor in the direction you’d like to spin. Be sure to explore vertically as well as horizontally.

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Grace Peak (Formerly East Dix Mountain)

Grace Peak is part of the Dix Range. The mountain was formerly called East Dix, but in 2014 it was officially renamed Grace Peak in honor of Grace Hudowalski (1906–2004), who in 1937 became the ninth person and first woman to climb all 46 of the Adirondack High Peaks. Grace Peak is adjacent to the northeast by Spotted Mountain, and to the southwest by South Dix.

Grace Peak is located within the Dix Mountain Wilderness Area of Adirondack State Park and has an elevation of 4026 ft. There are a few different route options that can be taken to reach its summit.

The panoramic image above was taken on a clear day during the fall months, when the leaves were just past their peak. The route we chose led us first over MacComb Mountain, then South Dix – which led to its summit. The route we chose required re-climbing South Dix, and from there we chose the rugged Lillian Brook Trail to loop back to our car.

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