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Phelps Mountain

Phelps Mountain is a mountain located in Essex County, New York, and part of the Great Range region of the Adirondack High Peaks. The mountain is named after Orson Schofield “Old Mountain” Phelps (1817–1905), who cut the first trail up Mount Marcy and named several of the Adirondack peaks. It’s summit has a 4,160 ft elevation, making it the 32nd highest peak in New York.

Phelps Mountain is flanked to the southeast by Tabletop Mountain, which was also included in my hike of this peak.

Phelps Mountain stands within the watershed of the West Branch of the Ausable River. The northeast side of Phelps drains into Klondike Brook, eventually into Marcy Brook.

Phelps is climbed regularly, and has a well marked trail. The trail is rocky and is very steep in some parts of the final approach to the summit. From the back side of it’s summit, there are good views of Marcy, Colden, and Algonquin. There are also views of the ridge formed by Tabletop Mountain, Yard, and Big Slide. There is a partial view of The Great Range, and Giant can be seen in the distance.

Phelps Mountain is within the High Peaks Wilderness Area of the Adirondack State Park.