Adirondack Wild Branding

Adirondack Wild Literature

As a not-for-profit environmental advocacy group, Adirondack Wild relies almost exclusively on member donations and grants. Those donations are vital for their existence to communicate with their donors with clear and consistently branded messaging. Because of this, it was important to reinforce the organization’s established branding by integrating it into their donation reminders, annual reports, and other literature.

Their donor packages contain bi-annual updates on their progress, and funding needs. They are mailed in bulk with an automated process to address and postmark them – so the process is efficient and cost effective for maximum savings.

The Annual reportsĀ  utilize photography from members of the staff and myself in an effort to utilize their rich, quality resources at a minimal cost. All of their printed marketing and donor collateral is consistently branded with their website and online and print marketing efforts for maximum impact across all media.

Adirondack Wild 2012 Annual Report