Ticona Marketing Campaign

Ticona Ad Campaigns

In addition to developing their branding strategy and guidelines, Ticona Engineered Polymers also wanted to create a marketing campaign to increase visibility across several of there polymer and resin product lines.

Reinforcing the Brand Identity

The first step was the specific color palette for each product that was established in the new branding specifications I had helped to create. Utilizing the “montage” effect to promote the specific markets and products was also an integral part of the corporate branding.

The new branding component that was introduced for this marketing campaign was integrating children into imagery to help reinforce the visual concept of “new”, “lasting” and “future generations”.

The concept and branding was promoted in trade publications, targeted online web ads, and on the website pages that were created.

Analysis and adjustments

Because the landing pages were specific to this campaign, the results and click-through rates were tracked, analyzed and adjusted accordingly – resulting in several new leads (and eventually, new customers).