Owens Corning Recruitment DVD Packet

Owens Corning Recruitment

Owens Corning’s corporate headquarters is a beautiful, modern facility located in the heart of Toledo, Ohio. Like many other Fortune 500 companies – they needed fresh talent to fill a wide range of positions within the company.

Many of the most promising prospects had little personal knowledge of the company culture, nor the social atmosphere of the city of Toledo, Ohio.

They had a high-quality recruitment video produced and ready to distribute, but it needed an enticing design that encouraged young professionals to want to open it up and learn more.

The DVD jacket sleeve promoted the extraordinary opportunities Owens Corning could provide. In addition to the DVD on the inside, the package also included a two-sided fold-out that reinforced the video’s messaging.

One side of the brochure explored the many industries and varied opportunities that Owens Corning could provide.

On the back side of the fold-out brochure was information which touted the rich cultural atmosphere, the night life, the availability of good, affordable housing – the many benefits of living in or near Toledo, Ohio.

The completed package was a great success. It was distributed through many of the country’s top colleges, and received hundreds of very promising inquiries from the best new minds in the talent pool!