GE Plastics Marketing Campaign

GE Plastics Ad Campaigns

When GE developed it’s new branding guidelines, the specifications limited not only the look, fonts and colors – it also included the photography and messaging.

This created a challenge to find new and creative ways to promote their plastics and engineered polymers division of the company. Because plastics has a general stigma of being “boring”, and environmentally unfriendly, GE wanted to change that perception with some concepts that would stand out in a trade publication – yet still adhere to the strict guidelines that were set by it’s branding strategy.

I was a part of the team that developed the concepts, headlines and the visuals that promoted their medical-grade resins and silicone products, their lightweight automotive plastics and their environmentally-friendly grade of resins.

The results were a series of ads that was clearly branded across the several issues that they ran in a national publication, and used catchy headlines and visuals to intrigued the viewer.

The visuals included photo retouching of the “light-weight” car on the scale – and literally growing chia-pet seeds on a model car, (then photographing and retouching to create an environmentally “green” car.)

The ads all contained specific web page links that were tracked and analyzed to verify the great interest and traffic to the website that the ads generated.