Ticona ChinaPlas Trade Show Booth

Ticona ChinaPlas Booth

As a leader in advanced engineering polymers, Ticona wanted to increase it’s presence in the global markets.They were already one of top selling producers of polymer resins in the United States and European markets – but now they needed to gain a foothold within the Asian Markets.

Because the ChinaPlas convention is one of the largest events in the world, it was important to create a booth that would stand out in the crowd. For cost efficiency, they had a local Chinese company create the 2-story structure of their booth, which I coordinated with and created all of the panel graphics for this project.

This effort required research into the translations of it’s key messaging. Because the trade show was held in China, it was important to have both Chinese and English versions of all of the messaging. I coordinated with translation service to provide accurate Mandarin Chinese graphics that we could integrate onto the available panels.

The company creating the booth provided blank 3-D model graphics, so I was able to morph my full-scale graphics onto those for the approval process and so that they had a clear representation of how it would look upon completion. The full size graphics were then produced in high-resolution, and they printed beautifully.

Overall, the trade show was a great success, helping TIcona break into an enormous market, and received several new clients and prospects.

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